7 Effective Tools to Improve Poor Computer Productivity After Installing Antivirus

Looking for the default administrator password in Windows? I have seen many discussions on the Internet forums on how to disable the Ease of Access button on the Windows 10 logon screen by changing the permissions for file, so the button becomes inoperable. However, at times it may create conflict with the Disk Cleanup utility. Switching between Windows of the same application without needing to resort to cmd-tilde is also nice. If no key is set, then the button text is returned.

The policy that should help you "Turn off auto-restart for updates during active hours" and "No auto-restart with logged on users for scheduled automatic updates installations". Navigate to and sign in. Click Device Management, then click Windows Updates Management. This post will hopefully provide you with some useful tips and tricks for managing windows updates in your enterprise. On Windows NT systems, each user’s settings are stored in their own files called and inside their own Documents and Settings subfolder (or their own Users sub folder in Windows Vista and above).

If you have some favorite apps that you pinned to the taskbar, then you can press Win + 1 to 9 to open or switch to the pinned apps. In this article, learn how to specify deadlines for automatic updates and restarts in Windows 10 and Windows Server. The text mentions the ability to configure do not disturb; most apps create notifications, so they need access to do not disturb settings to work with it. In this case, Your Phone Companion is just reading the notifications for displaying elsewhere, so it won’t truly interact with Do Not Disturb mode.

Enable Storage sense, a new feature that automatically recovers lost disk space. For those who want to separate all opened windows in Alt+Tab switcher, this quick tutorial will show you how. Instead, it feels like Microsoft is far more inspired by its upcoming dual-screen devices, which will likely herald the future of the company’s hardware design – depending on how successful they are. Name the new key WindowsUpdate and press Enter.

Now if you just press Enter when selecting a different desktop, then it will simply load that desktop and show you whatever the active window was previously for that desktop. What you can do in Windows 10 is open Settings and go to Privacy -> Background apps and switch off Microsoft Store and and other unnecessary items (like Mobile Plans for most people). The HP Envy 13 touch screen, 4K laptop is the ultimate laptop for college students and travelers due to its sleek, super-lightweight chassis.

Unavailable actions appear grayed out. If this resolves yourdll error message and you want remove the program again, make sure you click "No" or "No to all" during the uninstall process. To add this user to the local administrators group, type this command. This screen shows you which applications can send notifications – those switched On will send you notifications as needed. This article will guide you on how to enable and configure Storage Sense on Windows 10 Creators Update to free up more storage space.

You cannot defer security updates at all. A small number of users” have seen a spike in CPU consumption after installing the latest update to the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, or KB4512941 , Microsoft reported Fortunately, the CPU spikes only occur under a limited set of conditions. Encrypt and password-protect external drives with USBCrypt encryption software for Windows 10,8,7, and XP. Depending on what version of Windows 10 you have, check out these methods will disable Blur Background Login Screen on Windows 10.

From here, you can disable this feature fully, or restrict it to just other PCs on the LAN. The 12.3-inch (2,736 x 1,824 resolution) screen is as tack sharp as before, and the touchscreen is smooth and responsive. You don’t necessarily have to let the power throttling feature treat every application on your system the same way. It is possible to create an account without security questions if you leave them blank.

Then select "My devices only". You may run into this problem if you install a MAPI-enabled program that uses an older version of In fact, I recently wrote an article on how to install Exchange System Manager on an XP workstation After performing this process, several readers reported receiving this error. This is probably the easiest option as it requires no changes to the Windows Registry or Group Policy.

If a startup repair fails to debug DLL errors, a clean installation is a good solution if DLL missing or not found errors are based on software. Once I’ve approved the Updates from WSUS to the Computer group, the week before the scheduled 3rd Monday (approved on Wednesday afternoon after patch Tuesday). Starting with Samsung Flow in 2017, Galaxy phone users could wirelessly link their devices to Windows, allowing them to view notifications, reply to messages, take advantage of a universal clipboard, and even project their phone’s screen on the computer for direct access.