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It is a pity that when you heard the sad story of Shi Tao, your only response was "I do not like the outcome of what happens with these things." Then you went on to say, "But we have to follow the law." I learned from the BBC that you attended an Internet conference in Hangzhou, China, on September 10. In terms of social status you are the rising star of the cyber economy, and in terms of wealth you rank as one of the top magnates of the world. Among the evidence presented by the prosecution at Wang’s trial were account verification statements provided in the name of Yahoo! Holdings Ltd. This is the first known case in which information about a defendant in a political case was provided to Chinese authorities by a Yahoo! subsidiary.

Aren’t you afraid, Mr. Yang, that your company will be sued by your victims and ultimately deserted by your customers? Once Yahoo! is sued in Hong Kong or the United States, its reputation will be increasingly endangered. Second, life and human rights are invaluable, beyond the measure of power, money and fame.

He must face the terror of politics, must fight against the abuse of personal freedom and dignity and must hold to his conscience as a man. In China, where everything is settled behind closed doors, Mr. Shi has no way of identifying what is a "state secret" and what is not, and moreover, he lacked knowledge about your company’s latent business principles vpn express. You were born into an authoritarian society in Taiwan, but you left for a country of freedom, where you received a first-class education and became the tycoon of the cyber economy.

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  • What’s interesting is that Windscribe has been known to be able to access Netflix.
  • For example, you can set up an IPsec VPN client in Windows 10 using PIA.
  • You can create a VPN connection on Windows 10 using the system’s built-in settings or a third-party VPN client.
  • While we can in no way guarantee this as the goalposts are always moving, if you’re looking for a free Netflix VPN you could do a lot worse – plus you’ll get an ad-blocker, a firewall, and claims of no-logging.
  • Overall, though, Windscribe is a powerful free VPN service that’s simple and effective.

Shi Tao, aged 37, is a native of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. He was a famous campus poet and took an active part in the pro-democracy movement in 1989 when he was a student at East China Normal University. Born in Taipei in 1968, you moved to the United States at the age of 10 and then entered Stanford University to study electrical engineering. While preparing your doctoral thesis, you designed software for Internet searching, and then, in 1995, you co-created the Yahoo! Internet navigational guide with David Filo and co-founded Yahoo! Inc. Your company brings convenience to billions of netizens around the world, including about 100 million Chinese netizens.

Over the course of 10 years, from 1995 to 2005, you and your company worked wonders. But Mr. Shi will stay in prison for the same length of time.