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Are Erica Mena And Safaree Samuels Dating? New Details On Their Rumoured Unavowed Accord

New couple alerting

Nicki Minaj’s ex Safaree Samuels has a new gal. He’s been coupled to Bang and Hip Hop’s Erica Mena. The two were seen close hand-in-hand in matching fur coats at the Brooklyn Nets-Utah Bang back Wednesday dark December 19th at Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn. Fountain-heads closing to the copulation add that the fireworks were prompt between Heath and Safaree. This wasn’t the kickoff picnic for the realness TV celestials Heath took to Instagram to post a photo of the two of them with the caption, ” My favorite vaca in the history of vaca’s. You saved me twice from drowning. You save my life so And now. ” So, what’s the scoop? Are Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels dating?

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1. It’s a jolly fresh romance

Eve though Heath and Safaree birth already kaput on vacation unitedly fountain-heads closing to the copulate composition that their romance is a pretty new affair Actually, they aren’t officially fellow and girl even On November 28th, Heath tweeted a cryptic substance expression “Wow! A man who was admired by his mother right growth up is a Man that is care no over-the-counter WTF this is what I been wanting ” The two were featured on Scared Far-famed and fans detected the fireworks between them so Testament their romance be featured on Bang and Hip Hop soon?