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Nigerian Militant Group Threatens to market K By editor • May 6, 2014

Nigerian Militant Group Threatens to market K By editor • May 6, 2014


This will be EDITION from NPR News morning. I Am Renee Montagne.


And I Also’m Steve Inskeep. Morning good.

UNIDENTIFIED PEOPLE: We want our girls. We would like our girls. We would like our girls. We want our girls.

INSKEEP: we wish our girls, the chant of Nigerians outraged within the known proven fact that up to 276 girls are nevertheless lacking, three months when they had been abducted from a boarding college. Yesterday, the militant team Boko Haram reported duty for the mass kidnapping.

We are going to explore this with Mannir Dan Ali, who has been after this tale. He is the editor-in-chief associated with the everyday rely upon Abuja, Nigeria. He is in the relative line after that.

Thank you for visiting the program, sir.

MANNIR DAN ALI: many thanks quite definitely.

INSKEEP: could it be roughly known, at the least, where Boko Haram is keeping these significantly more than 200 girls, women?

ALI: Well, you could state that they’re someplace within the northeastern section of Nigeria. And additionally they may be someplace in Chad and Cameroon. It really is now Day 22 of this abduction, no one is certain of who’d them until yesterday whenever Boko Haram really reported duty. But due to the passing of time, no body can be certain of where precisely they have been. You can find reports that that they may were taken into neighboring Cameroon or Chad.

INSKEEP: so that they might not maintain Nigeria any longer. Folks are uncertain. Now, you pointed out Boko Haram. Can you remind individuals what that group appears for and exactly why they might kidnap a lot more than 200 girls?

ALI: many people consider them to be an extremist team that features no claim that is real Islam.