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You’re obviously reserved while Libra likes to lark about socially. You take things extremely really, but Libra is lighthearted and wants to relax and play.

The two of you have actually a love of tradition and fairness. If you’re able to give attention to that and work outwards, then it has the prospective to be a tremendously hot and stable love for both of you.

Capricorn / Leo

This relationship is going to be challenging for both of you. You’re attracted to Leo’s natural charm and attraction, however their hunger for attention will quickly tire you. A Leo is not especially thrifty or careful and that grates on your own sense of monetary duty.

Leo actively seeks compliments and flattery, and you also simply won’t know how exactly to provide them with all they have to be pleased. It is a steep learning bend both for of you. If you’re able to discover a way through it, then there’s loads of commitment and dedication right here which will make this relationship work.