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Ebony Mirror review: darker than in the past. but there’s also hope

Ebony Mirror review: darker than in the past. but there’s also hope

Charlie Brooker returns with all the many committed season of Ebony Mirror up to now. And, in some instances, it nevertheless keeps its dark brilliance

There’s a lot loaded into period four of Ebony Mirror: Charlie Brooker’s riff for a celebrity Trek-like world where no one has any genitals; the apparently loveless end-game for Tinder; as well as an hour-long grayscale near-silent film featuring Maxine Peake being relentlessly pursued with a multi-tool wielding dog that is robotic. Oh, and there’s a domestic drama about mother-daughter relationships directed by Jodie Foster.

The only issue? Brooker happens to be a target of their need that is own to clever. There’s always a moment that is gotcha and that, on occasion, gets in the form of the rest. The conceit between a creepy museum curator and an inquisitive visitor hinges on a series of ‘buts’ in Black Museum. The curator presents an amazing little bit of technology which will apparently replace the globe for the higher, additionally the visitor obediently asks: “But there’s a but?”. And, needless to say, there was. It’s A black mirror that is familiar trick. All is well. However all just isn’t well. After which all can be as bad as bad could be.


Directed by Colm McCarthy of Peaky Blinders and Sherlock popularity, Ebony Museum is one of visceral distillation of Brooker’s obsession using the macabre yet.